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Accepting card payments in taxis and cabs

In February 2016 Transport for London made it a mandatory requirement for all taxi cabs in London to accept credit and debit card payments, including contactless. This has revolutionised the industry and encouraged large cities across the UK to follow suite.

As it now stands, every taxi driver must accept card and contactless payments and provide receipts for any of those payments if requested. The devices must be approved by TFL and include handheld devices, mobile solutions or fitted devices in the passenger compartments of taxis.

There is also a strict code of conduct now in place that cab drivers need to adhere to around card payment systems, and drivers must demonstrate the following:

  • Must have the ability to accept card and contactless payments using a TfL-approved card payment system;
  • The taxi must be displaying TfL’s card and contactless payment signage stickers in the correct position
  • If the driver does not already have an approved device fitted in the passenger compartment, they must provide written evidence from a card payment system provider that the taxi is booked in to have a device (or cradle for a handheld device) fitted in the passenger compartment of the taxi.

Mobile payment and contactless options have become the most popular form of payment to taxi drivers, and the regulation has been largely welcomed by taxi drivers for two reasons. Firstly, by accepting card payments it offers more convenience and flexibility to customers and, secondly, it allows black cabs and mini cabs to compete with the likes of Apps Uber and Halo who operate exclusively in online card payments and have been eating into the mainstream taxi market.

Credit card machines for London taxis and black cabs

Due to the strict regulations imposed by TFL it’s important that taxi drivers find payment solutions that work for them. We work with a selection of specialist providers in taxi card payments and understand what’s needed to comply with the standards set out, deadlines are met and drivers are issued with the necessary taxi credit card stickers.


Card machines for private hire mini cabs

Private hire cab companies and owner-drivers have several options when it comes to taxi card payment machines. Drivers outside of London and unrestricted by TFL’s code of conduct can select either a chip and pin portable device or an online mobile one. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two options:

Chip and pin card payment machines for taxis normally work alongside smartphones and use a Bluetooth connection. These machines are portable, small and lightweight unattached to the vehicle in anyway, meaning it’s easy to pass through to passengers in black cabs or the back seats of taxis. The chip and pin devices in taxis look similar to those you’d see in a shop, and allow drivers to print receipts in the same way. This is a huge benefit to customers using taxis for business purposes as the payment is tracked on their bank statements as well as via a receipt.

Online facilities for taxi mobile credit card processing can seamlessly with online booking systems or apps. A payment button can be added to an existing system enabling customers to pay in advance, receive email receipts or, in some cases, organise for invoices to be sent directly to their company. Pre-paid journeys such as airport drop offs or school runs can be managed online and refunds can be processed easily if required. Quotes can be calculated via these apps as well as live updated ETA’s to the nearest car incorporated with geo positioning tracking via a map once a car is booked.

How to accept credit card payments in taxis and cabs

At Merchant Advice Service our team of specialists deal with setting up card payments and processing for taxi drivers on a regular basis. We have found that most of our customers in the transport industry have welcomed the change to accept card payments in taxis and cabs and a lot of drivers are voluntarily opting for this. There are a number of benefits to offering debit and credit card payments in taxis, or mobile and contactless options. In fact, by accepting payments from tourists using credit or debit cards internationally, drivers can often earn more money than anticipated for a journey thanks to differences in exchange rates. We work with a small number of merchant banks who will actually pay companies when they take payments from foreign cards, choosing to pass this commission onto the merchant rather than keeping it for themselves. For more information give us a call.

If you are a taxi driver or company looking for more information about credit and debit card processing for your vehicle, or have any questions based on the below criteria then get in touch with our experts today.

  • Credit card machines for private hire taxi drivers
  • Credit card machines for black cabs/hackey carriages
  • Taxi or private hire merchant services
  • Accepting contactless payments in taxis
  • Taxi meter integrated credit card terminals
  • Integrated apps that arrange bookings and payment collection
  • Taxi order and payment apps

Whether you’ve been declined a taxi merchant account elsewhere, or simply want to know more. We provide accurate, up to date advice based on current mandatory regulation whilst ensuring you get the best deal possible, should you need it. And don’t forget all our advice is completely free, with absolutely no obligation.


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