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According to the National Hairdressers’ Federation, during 2016 hairdressers in the UK were the fifth most popular startup business and beauty salons the eighth. When it comes to salon merchant services there are different elements to consider, whether you are new to industry, looking to upgrade an epos or booking system, or want to save on the rates you pay – we’ve put together a guide to ensure you get the best from your salon merchant account.

Salon Epos Systems

Electronic point of sale systems are more commonly known as EPOS but how do you know which one to choose and what’s right for your business now and in the future? Let’s take a look at the different options available.

Fully integrated epos systems for salons have come on leaps and bounds over the last decade, advances in technology allow businesses to run more streamlined and save both time and money. These systems have functions such as; booking appointments, text message marketing, staff management functions – that allow a clocking in and out facility, and stock control to name but a few. Epos systems for beauty salons and hairdressers can be customized to suit your business, meaning that the prices and treatments are preprogrammed before the hardware arrives on site. This solution can work with compatible salon card reader leaving minimum room for human error. The statistics and reporting enable business owners to assess information about what is most profitable and where to focus marketing. There is also an opportunity to make such systems compatible with booking apps. The possibilities are huge and this solution really is suitable for salons big and small.

Salon Epos for ipads are also available and now offer many similarities to the lager integrated systems, such as booking systems and preprogrammed treatments. These are the perfect solution for smaller businesses or home visits, and with the right PDQ machine work as a smaller yet efficient solution. However its worth baring in mind that when an update is ran on ipads or similar this can cause disruption to service – it may be better to go for a cloud based system to avoid these problems.

Merchant Advice Service tips

When searching for a beauty or hair salon epos systems its important to follow these tips;

  • Think of your business now and in the future, with the right system in place you could have the same Epos solution for the lifetime of your business
  • Decide whether or not to have a cloud based system – these can be assessed from home or anywhere with an internet connection, perfect for business owners wanting to run statistics or create orders from somewhere other than the salon
  • DO NOT be sold merchant services off the back of a Epos purchase, often these aren’t the best deal you can find – take a few days to shop around, or speak with one of our advisors.
    We specalise in the following areas related to both pos and epos, speak to one of our advisors today;

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Salon merchant services

Once you have decided which Epos system you would like, we can then look at options when it comes to salon credit card processing. We will take a look at two different elements here; firstly if you want your salon card machine to talk to your epos system, meaning there is no need to manually enter the amount when customers pay – equally the reporting process becomes a lot more straight forward. Secondly and most importantly we will look at not just the rates being charged by the merchant bank, but the full financial picture and ALL costs involved. If you have had a quote elsewhere then we can use this to negotiate a deal which not only suits your business but saves you money.

If your salon already accepts card payments or if you are a new startup we can point you in the right direction, speak to one of our advisors today if you require the following;

· Merchant accounts for salons including hairdressers, beauty salons, semi permanent make up providers and non invasive surgical procedures such as coolsculpting and botox.

· Credit card terminal for salons – which can be portable for use in a clients home or at numerous clinics.

· Looking to save money on your current credit card machine for hair and beauty salons, let us compare some quotes on your behalf.

Our service is completely independent, free of charge and our advisors deal with applications for salons on a daily basis.

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