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Charities accepting credit card payment

Last year the World Giving Index revealed the UK as the most generous country in Europe. With more people giving to worthwhile causes than ever before, charities need to be geared up to make the most of this – and than means accepting credit and debit card donations and monthly subscription well as cash offerings.

Charity merchant accounts

By accepting credit and debit card donations, charities are able to streamline processes, forecast more accurately and simplify the donation process. If that’s not enough, merchant providers often give discounts or fee waivers to merchant accounts for non-profit organisations.

The three key benefits to having a charity merchant account are:

  1. People can donate quickly and easily online – and in their own time.
    The administrative workload is easier to manage as it’s automated.
  2. It’s safer – online transactions are often protected and there’s no trips to the bank with sums of cash to deposit.
  3. Positive affect on the organisations bottom line – this is due to the above two points making donations more accessible to people wishing to contribute to charities and also easing up on the work load involved at the back end.

How to accept donations via card payments

A charity searching for the best merchant services for non-profit organisations should consider how much flexibility is required from the account – and that’s where Merchant Advice Service can help.

Whether you need to take payments over the phone, or require a payment gateway for your non-profit organisation to receive donations we can provide the advice and guidance to make sure you are set up correctly.

If you are operating a non-profit organisation (and have the required paperwork to verify this) then we can help find you a more cost-effective solution to your existing charity merchant services.

We work closely with merchant providers who specialise in charity merchant accounts , payment gateways for non-profit organisations and merchant credit card processing for non-profit charities. You can rest assured we will be able provide you with the expertise needed to get the best deal possible, so more of your donations can be allocated to the cases that need them most.


Accepting donations over the phone

Accepting donations via the phone doesn’t need to be complicated, and let’s face it some of your biggest donators might not have access to the internet!

IVR payment facilities for charities allow donations to be processed automatically and securely without the need of staff input and these can be accepted 24/7 365 days a year – brilliant hey?

The dedicated payments phone line works by the user keying in their card details directly into the telephone keypad. Once the transaction is complete some IVR lines can integrate with charity databases for easy reporting. The donator will then receive a text message thanking them for their contribution and asking if they would like to add gift aid.



Alternatives to Just Giving for charities

Just Giving is a go to for charities wishing to reclaim gift aid from donations received. Many do not know that there are cheaper alternatives to Just Giving, Virgin Money Giving, EveryClick and similar companies. When accepting gift aid from card payment donations it’s important to shop around, in some cases the cost to the charities can be reduced by over half. Together, our advisors can work with you to ensure your gift aid donations go further.

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