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Libby James
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Libby James is co-founder, director and an expert in all things merchant services. Libby is the go-to specialist for business with more complex requirements or businesses that are struggling to find a provider that will accept them. Libby is regularly cited in trade, national and international media.

Overseas Card Processing: Unlocking Global Opportunities

Are you a merchant looking to expand your business globally? If so, you’ll need to consider overseas credit card processing. Accepting international payments is a crucial step towards tapping into new markets and reaching a broader customer base. In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of overseas credit card processing, highlighting its benefits, challenges, and how we can assist you on this journey.

Understanding Overseas Credit Card Processing

Overseas credit card processing refers to the ability to accept credit card payments from customers located in different countries. It opens up your business to a world of opportunities, allowing you to sell your products or services to customers across borders. By enabling international payment processing, you can attract a wider audience, increase sales, and establish a global presence for your brand.

Key Points to Consider

Currency Conversion: When processing overseas credit card payments, you will need to convert currencies. It’s essential to understand the costs involved in currency conversion and explore options that offer competitive exchange rates. 


Payment Gateway Compatibility: Ensure that your chosen payment gateway supports international transactions and is compatible with various credit card networks. This ensures smooth and secure payment processing for your customers worldwide. 


Risk Assessment: Expanding into overseas markets introduces new risks, such as fraud and chargebacks. It’s crucial to implement robust security measures and fraud detection systems to protect your business and customers’ sensitive information. 


Compliance and Regulations: Different countries have varying regulations and compliance requirements for payment processing. You should make sure you are familiar with these regulations to ensure legal and seamless operations in each market you target.


Strategies to help you navigate potential obstacles with overseas card payments

Here are a few strategies to help you navigate potential obstacles with overseas card payments: 


Research and Market Analysis: Conduct thorough research and analysis of your target markets. Understand the cultural nuances, preferences, and payment habits of customers in each country to tailor your approach accordingly. 


Secure Payment Gateway: Pick a payment gateway that offers robust fraud prevention tools, encryption, and data protection. This ensures a safe and seamless payment experience for your customers. 


Customer Support: Provide dedicated customer support for international customers, including multilingual assistance and responsive communication channels. Promptly addressing their queries and concerns builds trust and fosters long-term relationships. 


Local Partnerships: Consider partnering with local payment processors or acquiring banks to leverage their expertise and local market knowledge. Collaborating with trusted partners can streamline your operations and help you navigate local regulations effectively. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Commonly Asked Questions
What are the benefits of accepting overseas credit card payments?
Accepting overseas credit card payments expands your customer base and increases sales potential. It allows you to tap into new markets and establish a global presence for your business.
How can I ensure secure overseas credit card processing?
Choose a secure payment gateway that offers advanced fraud prevention tools and data encryption. You need strong security measures to protect your customer’s data.
Do I need a separate merchant account for overseas credit card processing?
Depending on your payment processor, you may require a separate merchant account for international transactions. Consult with your payment provider to understand their specific requirements.
What are the costs associated with overseas credit card processing?
Currency conversion fees and international transaction fees may apply. Review and compare pricing structures from different payment processors to find the most cost-effective solution.
How do I handle currency conversion when processing international payments?
Research and compare currency conversion options to find competitive rates. Some payment gateways offer built-in currency conversion services, simplifying the process for you.
Can I accept international payments without a physical presence in the target country?
Yes, with the right payment infrastructure and payment gateway, you can accept international payments without a physical presence in the target country.
Is it possible to expand into multiple overseas markets simultaneously?
Yes, expanding into multiple overseas markets simultaneously is possible with careful planning, scalable payment infrastructure, and local partnerships.

How Merchant Advice Service Can Help?

At Merchant Advice Service, we understand the complexities of overseas credit card processing. Our team will guide you through the process, providing tailored advice and assistance to ensure your international expansion is a success. We offer comprehensive consultancy on selecting the right payment processor and payment gateway for your business, considering factors such as currency conversion, compliance, and security. With us by your side, you can unlock global opportunities and take your business to new heights. For more advice like this, visit our blog page!



Expanding your business globally is an exciting venture, but it comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to accepting payments in multiple currencies. Having the right bank account and payment services can make all the difference. Whether you’re dealing with debit cards or international money transfers, understanding the ins and outs of currency exchange is crucial.


Merchant Advice Service can guide you through this complex process, helping you navigate issues like compliance, foreign currencies, and additional fees. With the right payment options, you can transfer money seamlessly and offer a smooth experience for your customers, whether they’re paying in pounds sterling or any other currency.

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Libby James

Libby James Co-founded Merchant Advice Service alongside David Bird in 2016. Her finance background, coupled with retail and customer service experience, gave Libby the drive to bring transparency and non-biased advice to the world of merchant services. Having come from the heavily regulated mortgage and insurance industry, Libby found it puzzling that other financial sectors lacked regulation and transparency leaving customers confused and unable to make informed decisions when it came to accepting card payments. This was soon to become Libby’s obsession!

With the help of some of the industry’s best, Libby began to research acquiring banks, complex terminology/regulation, and the problems customers experience within merchant services and payment gateway markets. She spent years on sourcing solutions for complex clients, which previously others were unable to assist with. Libby established relationships with brokers and banks which would soon form the cornerstone of Merchant Advice Service. As a result Libby has been featured in high-profile publications across the web.

Libby is proud to be the entrepreneur’s champion, supporting start-up businesses regularly. Her industry insights can often be found on LinkedIn where she provides free of charge advice and money saving pointers. It’s safe to say she has her finger on the pulse of everything card payments related.

Libby speaks of her experience in founding and running Merchant Advice Service…

‘Merchant Advice Service is one of my greatest achievements to date. We help business owners to overcome card processing issues which can become detrimental to their business. We assist SME’s in finding suitable card payments solutions, helping them create their vision. Each and every day is different, exciting and fore filling. As technology advances I can’t wait to see the way in which the merchant services market advances, and I’m pleased that our business will play a part in educating company owners along the way.’

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