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Merchant Advice Service is a handpicked team of industry experts based nationally, offering advice and information to businesses operating across the UK, Europe and USA.

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In an age where card payments make up the majority of UK business transactions, having an intermediary solution to merchant services bridges the gap between business and provider.

Until now, merchants have been disadvantaged by the lack of regulation within the industry. At Merchant Advice Service we believe merchants should be presented with all the facts upfront in order to make informed decisions on payment processing options, which are centred around their business. Too many merchant providers and sales representatives lure customers in with headline ‘deals’ that are misleading and unfair.

We bring transparency and standards to the industry, providing businesses with the most competitive deals suited to their needs – not just for now, but long term.

We are here to demystify the industry and provide you with the information to make sound, commercial decisions for now – and the future.

Our Core Values

Merchant Advice Service is a handpicked team of industry experts based nationally, offering advice and information to businesses operating across the UK, Europe and USA.

Co-Founders, Libby James and David Bird, two individuals who were frustrated with their own experience of the merchant services industry set up the company to help other businesses. They were soon to become the only advice led merchant services company in the UK.

“As an independent non-biased intermediary, we rely on recommendations and referrals to continue growing our business, and therefore it’s in our interest to provide you not only with great customer service, but also the most reliable information, to help you make critical decisions for your business with confidence.

We’ve pinpointed the problems businesses experience within card processing, and together with our experts provide solutions to overcome them. We want to build relationships for the lifetime of your business, not just a quick sale. Our partners share this same vision. Together we allow your payments facilities to grow throughout your business journey, always staying up to date with industry advances, helping you make more informed financial decisions”. – Libby James

We’re transparent so like to let you know how we can offer a free of charge service. We receive a commission directly from the banks meaning you don’t pay us a thing, and you can be sure our advice is completely unbiased. Our service is centred around your company, meaning that if you’ve got a good deal with your existing provider, we’ll tell you so.

Merchant Advice Service will work closely with you to analyse your business requirements, research options and recommend the best card payments providers for you. If you’re happy with our suggestions, we’ll work with you to set up the merchant account and ensure your payment processing needs are met now and, in the future, – all for FREE.

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