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Merchant cash advance

A cash advance is a short-medium term, unsecured loan and often paid back in one go. Ideal for businesses which require funds quickly to invest or resolve short-term cash flow issues. Merchant cash advances have become widely used within the UK, and prove popular amongst both large and smaller businesses. Our team will search for the very best merchant cash advance deals and make sure you deal with the most competent advisors.

PDQ loans

PDQ loans are also known as a merchant cash/loan advance, this is short-term finance which instead of a set repayment plan, repayments are taken from card transactions received monthly. This type of finance solution is perfect for a business which is seasonal or for a business undergoing refurbishment. Whilst the card payments taken are low or non-existent no repayments are made to the loan. However, when transaction turnover is active or higher, repayments for the loan will be deducted at a higher rate.

EPOS/POS funding

Choosing the correct EPOS system for a retail or hospitality business can be costly, however the benefits to the business long-term often pay off tenfold. Investing in the correct system which can grow at the same rate as your company is paramount. There are finance options available for those wishing to reduce upfront costs. If you require tips on how to choose the correct system for you, read our guide.

Start-up loans

Start-up business loans can be confusing for a lot of budding entrepreneurs. It’s important to get it right first time, our advisors will speak with you in plain English meaning that you can make the correct decision for your new business when it comes to choosing a start-up loan. The first years in business can be costly and are the most risky so make sure you shop around!

Adverse credit

Can you gain merchant finance with bad credit? Depending on the extent of the personal or business adverse credit, it might not be the end of the road when it comes to securing business finance. Our advisors can help you understand the best lending options for your business.

Transparency is at the heart of our business ethics. Merchant Advice Service make a promise to all clients that there will be no hidden costs or fees. Our advisors will let you know upfront exactly what is due in terms of payment and when, so you won’t have any nasty shocks! We specialise in the following areas; Merchant cash advanceStart-up loans, Merchant loan advance, Finance for EPOS/POS systems and Bad credit business loans.

At Merchant Advice Service, we believe that our expert advice shouldn’t just stop at card services and EPOS systems. It’s important for us to provide solutions for all financial areas of your business.

Our aim is to deliver, in plain English, knowledge to business owners so you can make informed decisions when choosing finance options.

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