Card Machine Rental

Card machine rental

Purchasing a PDQ machineoutright can cost between £200 -£800 depending on the specification. A lot of companies opt for card machine rental due to it usually being simpler and more cost-effective; providing a card payments solution without the initial business outlay. Here we look at credit card machine rental, the costs involved and how to make sure you’re getting the best deal available.

Credit card terminal rental — the benefits

Renting a credit card machine has many benefits over buying one outright — these are listed below;

  • A good solution for businesses which do not have the capital to buy the machines outright.

  • Credit card machine rental within the UK often comes with ongoing business support and servicing, a huge benefit if the machine develops faults. Often this service is included within your monthly rental fee.

  • Upgrading your machine is easier if you are in a contract. For example, if you purchased a PDQ machine outright prior to contactless payments becoming popular you would have to buy new PDQ’s now and this can be a costly business!

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How much does a credit card machine cost to rent?

We often get asked for costings for card payment terminal rental. As a rule of thumb; the longer the term, the cheaper the monthly lease payments. Most card machine hire prices sit at around £15-£30 per month. However, if you are looking for a shorter contract, this could increase to £100 per month. When considering credit card machine rental costs, you should not only think of your company now, but in the future. If you are a new business if might be worth signing a shorter contract with higher fees for the first few years whilst you find your feet.

The credit card machine rentals company doesn’t charge for the transactions you make on the PDQ machine itself, these are dealt with by the merchant account provider. The merchant account provider will take a very small percentage of each transaction processed through the machine. For more information on this CLICK HERE.

Cheap card machine rental

We get asked about ‘getting the cheapest deal’ regularly. When it comes to card machine rent contracts the normal rule of thumb is that the longer the contract OR the more basic the machine, the cheaper the overall costs. It is worthwhile considering any early exit fees though. If you wanted to change from a basic card machine to a contactless one — what would it cost you? Also for new businesses do you really want to sign a four-year rent contract?

Short term card machine rental

Some businesses work either in seasonal industries or at trade shows and market stalls offsite for a few days a year. If you’re one of these types of companies’ temporary credit card machine rental is something which should definitely be considered, especially if you’re a relatively new business.

Short term credit card machine rental can be used for a matter of days or weeks. The cost of the hire tends to be more expensive than longer contract lengths, however the benefits of being able to offer customers the opportunity to pay via card often outweighs this. Depending on the machine required, these orders can be processed very quickly.

Need advice or recommendations?

At Merchant Advice Service, we specialise in the following areas. Our experts can point you in the right direction, making sure you make the correct card machine rent agreement for your business now and in the future, so call today;

  • Long term chip and pin machine hire

  • Short term/ temporary hire, contracts from one day to a few weeks/months

  • Credit card machine rental for outside locations such as events, festivals etc.

  • No minimum contract hire, perfect for clients who aren’t sure how long they will require a machine for

How to rent a credit card machine

Card terminal hire is a very straight forward process. The application itself takes a few working days to complete and, providing you remember the following tips, you shouldn’t experience any problems;

  1. Make sure your PDQ machine works with the merchant account provider — not all providers work with all terminals, so it’s well worth asking the question before you sign on the dotted line!
  2. Consider the future of your business, will a four-year contract suit your needs in a few years’ time?
  3. Think about how you wish to process payments, do you require portable or wireless credit card machine rental?
  4. See card terminal rental and your merchant account as two different elements, you may be better to shop around and secure two different contracts to save money.

At merchant Advice Service, we work alongside the very best credit card machine hire companies in the UK. Our experts can help you find a machine which is suitable for your business needs now and in the future.

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