Google Pay, a Merchants guide

What is Google Pay?

Similar to Apple Pay, Google Pay is a contactless payment method where customers can make payments using their android mobile, tablet or watch. The clever tech works by using NFC (near field chip) to communicate between the device and chip and pin machine, authorising payment by securely transferring card data. The devices have NFC embedded in them, meaning that when they hover near a terminal the payment request is made automatically. Customers can then authorise payment using face ID or unique pin code.

Is Google Pay and Android Pay the same thing?

Google Pay, was previously known as Android Pay. However, following a merger between the two apps, Android Pay and Google Wallet, Google Pay was born. Technically the two do not differ, Google Pay should be seen as the Apple alternative for Android users.

Accept payments online via Google Pay

Accepting Google Pay via an ecommerce platform is getting increasingly popular, despite being slightly behind the launch of Apple Pay, many merchants are choosing to use Google Pay on their ecommerce sites. Google Pay is used to authorise payments, this can be done in one of two ways;

  • Payments made via the same device – purchasing online via a mobile or tablet and authorising through the same device.
  • Payments made using two devices – i.e. the customers have shopped online on laptop and authorised payment via a different device, such as a mobile or watch.

Google Pay Payment Gateway pricing

If you choose to accept payments with Google, there will be no additional costs for the service. Once you’ve found a Google Pay enabled Payment Gateway or Merchant Account provider, the processing costs should be made clear. As with all card payments fees, expect to pay a percentage amount per transaction and authorisation fees – there should be no extra costs for accepting Google Pay.


Merchant Advice Service suggest you review your card payment processing fees on a regular basis, shopping around and fairly comparing merchant accounts on a pound for pound basis will ensure you secure the best account for your requirements without paying over the odds.


Google Pay card machines

Accepting Google Payments face-to-face is simple, providing you have a contactless enabled card machine. Both payment types work with the same technology, so businesses won’t need to change the machine to accept Google Payments.


Google Pay and Apps

In recent years purchases made via Apps has increased dramatically, from gaming to hospitality Apps, there are vast amounts available. Integrating Google Pay into business App’s via the Payment Gateway can be a great way to streamline the customer journey and reduce bounce rate at checkout.

Merchant Advice Service, how we help

Merchant Advice Service is a non-biased, free of charge platform helping businesses to accept card payments seamlessly. Together with our partnering banks and brokers we have a wide range of Google Pay enabled solutions. If your business is wanting to start accepting Google Pay or switch providers for cheaper processing costs, our experts are on hand to help.


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