Multi merchant accounts explained

A guide to using more than more merchant account provider.

Multi merchant processing

We often get asked ‘can I have more than one merchant account?’ the answer…yes! Merchants choosing to have multiple merchant accounts receive many benefit the main one being the risk is spread between two or three acquiring banks. Our advisors speak with clients on a daily basis who have been served immediate notice by their current provider, they can no longer accept payments therefore trading grinds to a holt. With some clients, especially start-up companies, this can be make or break.

Why do merchant account providers serve immediate notice?

As with any type of banking or lending, the acquiring banks are always assessing their attitude to risk. If you have been served notice by your merchant account provider, it’s not necessarily because they don’t like your business, it may be that they have too many clients who operate in similar lines of work meaning that they serve notice on some of them to then spread the risk amongst other industries.

Benefits of multi merchant ecommerce


Some acquiring banks put a maximum limit on monthly transaction volumes, therefore using more than one account can effectively increase this ‘cap.’ Our advisors often suggest that merchants with high monthly turnover start with at least two merchant accounts, as security against any restrictions occurring.


As briefly mentioned merchant account providers are constantly assessing their attitude to risk, long after your application has been agreed, throughout your contract term. Nowhere is this more apparent than in high risk industries, therefore having more than one merchant account in place means that if you are served immediate notice, you have a backup in place and processing transactions can continue as normal.


By distributing sales between two or three merchant account providers you are also doing the same for chargebacks, therefore lowering the chargeback ratio. Acquiring banks are constantly monitoring chargebacks, so by spreading the number you have between a few accounts you will be less likely to be served notice.


Single payment gateway multiple merchant accounts

Can you have multiple merchant accounts on one website using one payment gateway? Yes, this is certainly possible, and some gateway providers actually prefer it as the risk is distributed. Mention to your advisor that you are interested in multiple merchant account payment gateway’s and they will bare this in mind when finding you the best possible provider for your circumstances. They will optimise your blend of account to get you the best deals for specific transaction types – potentially saving you far more money than if you just went with one merchant bank.


One payment gateway for multiple websites

The above can also true if you have multiple websites. A good payment gateway service provider can act as a broker running multiple different merchant accounts through the same payment gateway service. This means you’re getting the best deal possible for each individual website depending on the specifics of that website such as turnover, average transaction size, industry etc. Likewise, in this mix of websites you may have a blend of merchant accounts on some of the individual websites.

How can Merchant Advice Service help?

Merchant Advice Service work with industry experts to provide advice on multiple merchant accounts and payment gateways. Our team of UK based advisors will discuss your options with you, enabling you to make an informed choice as to which provider you use.


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