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At Merchant Advice Service, we receive a number of questions each day from business owners looking to select, or switch merchant provider. The majority of which revolve around how to find the cheapest merchant services available to them.


Our customers want to understand how to compare merchant services in the most effective way, ensuring they are able to secure the best deal for their company. We understand that jargon can seem daunting and the deliberate attempt from some providers to avoid sharing hidden merchant fees often means it’s easier to simply compare card rates rather than evaluate all costs included.


Our comprehensive guide is designed to help you compare merchant services, assisting you with the process to make things a little easier and to clarify how to find the best merchant account deals.


Compare merchant accounts

The answer, put simply, is don’t! If you compare merchant accounts or providers based solely on fees charged for each credit and debit card transactions, it’s unlikely you’ll be getting full picture or best deal for your business.


The term ‘hidden merchant fees’ is an important one to consider when comparing merchant services. There are a number of charges beyond the obvious card rate costs that business owners are often guided by, which need consideration when opening an account.


Our role at Merchant Advice Service is to fully understand the needs and workings of your business to best compare providers – and all costs involved. Our approach is transparent, honest and completely upfront; the best way to get a merchant account deal for you.


So, who are the cheapest merchant services providers in UK? The fact is that there’s no hard or fast rule and what might be suitable for one business taking, say, high price items with lower transaction volumes will prove very expensive for a different business taking numerous transaction at lower values. Compare payment gateways and merchant providers on a like for like basis, not just on the rates alone, this will avoid fees such as minimum transaction charges and PCI being paid when they could potentially be avoided. If you already have an existing merchant account, the good way to get a decent idea is to take out an existing transaction statement and calculate what it would have cost with an alternative provider had you been using them


In order to compare merchant services on overall cost and not just rates it’s important to understand all fees involved and what they mean to your business. We have put together a guide to unravel the jargon and explain all fees involved to help you decided the best way to accept credit card payments for your business now and in the future.


Another question we’re often asked is ‘what’s the best way to take credit card payments online?’ Think of your business now and in the future, avoid get tied into long contracts and be careful of being sold merchant services off the back of a payment gateway provider or e-commerce software (as well as POS/EPOS systems or card reader for those taking face-to-face payments) as these can often be expensive and many UK based companies do not compare merchant services in a comprehensive and non-biased way. Instead, they simply treat the addition as an add-on service that they make money on, with profit or speed and convenience a higher priority.

Advice for merchants

At Merchant Advice Service our advisors are fully equipped to help and guide you through the following merchant services comparisons:

  • Comparison of UK merchant accounts.

  • Comparisons of card reader equipment, including mobile card readers incorporating newer technologies such as apple pay.

And, whatever the industry you’re in, don’t ever think your enquiry may be too specialist — that’s what we’re here for. We receive regular enquiries from customers trying to find the best merchant service for their businesses, including those wanting comparisons in high risk industries, and its our role to facilitate that.


Whether it’s a case of finding the best app for credit card payments or the best merchant accounts for e-commerce, or perhaps you want to know the best merchant accounts for small businesses and best apps for credit card payments. Whatever it is, we can help. After all, if you want to find the best online merchant account, you need to start with the best.


Finding the correct and cheapest merchant account for your business doesn’t have to be complicated, pick up the phone and speak to us today or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.


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