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Searching for a quick setup merchant account? Depending on how to do it, your own businesses circumstances and which provider you go with it can be either simple and straightforward or very complicated. Read below for more information.

How long to get a merchant account?

Setting up a merchant account can take up to a few weeks, especially if you are a start-up or high risk business. However, securing quick merchant services is possible when dealing with advisors experienced in similar industry applications and business set ups. We understand that you will want to start processing payments as quickly as possible, therefore we can facilitate, fast and easy merchant accounts as well as payment gateway options.

If you are ‘straight forward business,’ wanting to accept face to face payments, with good trading history, moving accounts can take as little as three working days. Equally with accepting online payments, changing payment gateway providers, this can be done within 48 hours depending on the complexity of your business.

Please note if you are a high risk or start-up company, turnaround times will be a little longer.


Setting up a merchant account quickly

Securing fast merchant services can be done providing you are prepared and, along with your advisor, your application is packaged to the merchant bank correctly first time around. Here we’ve put together a few handy tips that will ensure your account is agreed as quickly as possible;

  • Make sure you have a business bank account in place – agreeing to a fast merchant account is all very well and good, but you need the money to reach your business account. Often high risk and start-up industries struggle to secure business banking meaning there is a delay in their merchant account application.
  • Ensure you provide licensing relevant to the goods or products you are selling (if needed.) This is applicable with industries such as pharmacy, nutrition or gambling.
  • An experienced advisor will carry out a short risk assessment on your website prior to application to ensure fast merchant services applications are processed. In the case of start-up businesses please provide your log on details to development sites.
  • Been served noticed by your current provider? Finding a quick merchant account may still be possible, providing you understand why the notice was served in the first place and potentially agree to changes with your new provider. I.E if you have been served notice due to a peek in chargebacks, why has this happened and how are you going to prevent it in future. Our advisors can help with this.

If you follow the above tips alongside an experts advice, there is no reason why you can’t secure fast merchant accounts and payment gateways. However getting it right first time is more important than speed. Take a look at our ‘easy credit card processing guide’ for further tips.


High risk merchant account instant approval

Bad credit or high risk merchant account instant approval is offered in the UK by few providers. In our experience, most of these accounts are terminated once the merchant begin to hit high volumes or start trading (if a start-up company.) To secure a guaranteed approval merchant account, it’s important that you deal with an account provider experienced in high risk transactions.  Often fast merchant account approval, in high risk companies is too good to be true. However dealing with an expert and ensuring your application is packaged correctly will speed up the process. Please allow at least ten working days for account approval.

Online merchant account & payment gateway instant approval

Instant credit card processing approval for ecommerce stores is offered by suppliers such as PayPal, with most applications being approved within 48 hours. However, as long term solutions these can be costly. Same day approval merchant accounts are effective for short term use, however as your business expands you may be paying over the odds.  As an alternative, companies can be live within three working days and therefore reducing cost compared to instant approval credit card processing.


Instant merchant account approval

Many of our clients want credit card processing with instant approval, however in our opinion, it’s better to take a little more time and get it right. Although you may have been declined elsewhere, spending a few days on finding the correct provider for your company now and in the future increases your chance of guaranteed merchant account approval.

At Merchant Advice Service we work with industry experts to increase the chances of securing credit card processing with guaranteed approval. We’ll ensure you speak with an advisor who has dealt with similar industries and applications before. Although we do not have providers who will offer merchant accounts with instant approval, in most cases we can turn things around quickly for you.

If you need to accept card payments face-to-face the turnaround time of getting the card machines delivered and installed is also an important consideration. If you already have card terminals that you own then it’s important to ensure that they’re compatible with your new account provider.


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