Direct sales credit card processing

Here we look at payment solutions for Network Marketing companies

What is direct sales or network marketing?

Direct sales are deals that take place outside of a “normal” retail environment, examples of this are companies that use self-employed sales people, usually working from home. Direct sales companies often fall under the network marketing banner, where sales people build teams creating a pyramid selling structure.

Merchant accounts for networking marketing

Often merchants who work within direct sales industry require a merchant account for both face-to-face sales and online transactions, here we look at what you require for both.

Face-to-face direct sales

As face-to-face sales often take place in people’s homes, networking events, or external events and shows, direct sales businesses tend to opt for a GPRS card machine. This works in a similar way to mobile phones using radio signals to communicate between the customers bank and merchants. The machines are often rented on a monthly basis and provide an effective way of accepting orders.

An alternative solution to the portable GPRS machines, when accepting face-to-face payments for network marketing businesses is to use an mPOS system (mobile point of sale) you can find out more HERE.

IVR payment line for direct sales

Some sales people don’t like the thought of carrying card machines around with them, no matter how small. The alternative to this is to use a IVR payment telephone line, the client can call while with you to pay for goods using an automated telephone line, entering their card details directly into the telephone keypad. You can then log on to confirm payment has been made prior to finalising the sale. This works well in industries such as, home improvements, double glazing and for higher transaction volumes which would want to be a little more discrete such as art and jewellery or even adult payments. 

Payment gateway for direct sales and network marketing

Most merchants wanting to accept payments for company products do so through a branded associated website which comes with an integrated payment solution, an example of this is sales people selling forever living often have /john-smith at the end of the website address, which acts as a unique shop and can track their sales. Unfortunately these sites work with very few merchant account providers. That’s not to say that the companies themselves shouldn’t regularly look at reviewing both their payment gateway and merchant account costs.


Merchant accounts for door-to-door sales

Securing credit card processing for door-to-door sales can be incredibly difficult as the industry is known for it’s ‘pushy’ nature. Our specialist advisors can help in some circumstances, dependent on the industry and sales procedures in place. Speak to us today to establish your eligibility.


How Merchant Advice Service can help

Merchant Advice Service work closely with brokers and providers, based in the UK and Europe, who have successfully placed direct sales and network marketing companies with suitable payment solutions for their needs. We suggest merchants review their accounts annually to ensure they get the best deal and rates available to them. From large network marketing companies to the individuals working within them, we have your payment solutions covered.



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