Card not present credit card processing

Card not present merchant account

(CNP) card not present credit card processing is, as suggested in the title, transactions that happen without the card being physically present when making payment. The four most common types of card not present processing include;

Customers and clients will give the following information to allow the merchant to complete the CNP payment.  This is typically done over the phone or via the internet; Long card number, expiry date, security code and billing address. The acquiring bank will then review this information before authorising the payment and therefore finalising the sale.

Risk involved in card not present payments

Card not present payment processing comes with slightly higher risks compared to accepting face to face payments. The main reason for this is that card not present processing carries increased risk of fraud. This is tends to happen in two different ways;

Credit card fraud – orders being placed using a stolen card or the customers card without consent.

Chargeback fraud – products or the service is received by the customer, however they tell their bank otherwise, meaning they receive a refund. IMPORTANT – we have put together a short guide to help reduce chargebacks.


Finding a merchant account and payment gateway for CNP credit card processing

At Merchant Advice Service we work with a team of UK based experts to aid businesses in accepting card not present payment processing. Our advisors can help both high risk and low risk companies find a suitable merchant account and payment gateway for business needs now and in the future. Speak to us about your requirements today.


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