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Whether you’re a new business or an established company, our auditing process is designed to analyse and evaluate your card payment process and charges to identify potential cost savings. By reviewing current (and, where possible, historic) business transactions we can provide cost effective solutions suited to your current requirements and future business projections.

We think it's important to fully understand how your business operates before we make any recommendations. A short consultation with you will enable us to establish your requirements, allowing us to give the best advice possible. Our goal is to ensure you have the correct software or systems in place to support your business both in the immediate and into the future at the most affordable price. Whether you're looking at an EPOS system for your business or something a little more complex, we can help.

Everyone’s different, we spend time to discuss how your business works, this enables us to establish your requirements, in terms of software and processing. Together we make sure you have as much or as little of the right payment software in place, this may be as simple as a EPOS system or something a little more complex that could save you time and money with daily and weekly tasks.

Whether your business is already set up to accept debit or credit card payments, or if you're a new business comparing merchant provider options, our quote comparison service is available to make sure you are getting the best possible price for your business needs. If you would like us to compare an existing quote, or present you with some options get in touch today.

If we think you can get a better deal, we’ll tell you. If we don’t, we’ll recommend staying with your current provider – it’s a simple as that. There will be no hard sell, no obligation, no charge and certainly no follow up cold calls.

We do not charge a fee for our service, it’s simple we earn our commission from the merchant providers and banks therefore feel no need to charge our clients too. Let our experts do the hard work for you.

If we do think you can get a more competitive deal elsewhere, we’ll work with you to make the switch over as simple and straightforward as possible. We’ll do all the legwork and make sure you’re presented with the information in a digestible way, ensuring full transparency in our recommendations, so you can be confident with your decision.

Your business will be given one point of contact at Merchant Advice Service, as business owners ourselves we believe in providing the very best customer service – we will keep you updated every single step of the way.

There is no fee, and obligation for any of the advice we provide. Merchant Advice Service earns its commission through merchant account providers and not the businesses. We rely on recommendations to keep our business going, so providing the best deals for businesses is our priority.

Once we have arranged your merchant account service, securing a contract and provider that you are happy with we will get in touch towards the end of your term to discuss any changes to your business needs and present up-to-date deals to ensure you can make a switch if it's beneficial to your business.

Areas of Expertise

We help businesses across a number of sectors all with individual and often-complex merchant account needs. Whether you’re looking at introducing an EPOS system, or want to implement a chip-and-pin terminal, you’re one call away from finding the right solution for you.

Payment terminals

PDQ payment machines are the most common solution for all face-to-face retail transactions. They provide an efficient and convenient experience for the customer and allow not only card but mobile payments, including Apple pay. It’s quick, secure and reliable processing of all transaction details within seconds.

WI-Fi terminals

The wireless chip and pin terminals are even more convenient for customers and are a simple, efficient way to deal with face-to-face transactions allowing you to take the machine to the customer. Like PDQ machines they are contactless enabled and can be used within a range of up to100m of the base, depending on your provider.

Integrated systems

Do you need to link EPOS with your chip-and-pin terminal or internal booking system? Or perhaps you need a combination of a wireless and virtual terminal? Whatever your needs, and no matter how complex they may seem, there will be a cost effective, secure and efficient solution.


Some start-ups may opt for a pay-as-you-go set up initially, before getting tied into a longer-term contract. This approach may not be the most cost-effective solution, but it does allow businesses to understand how many transactions they can expect to help determine which long-term plan is best suited to their needs.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals allow you to take payments using any computer, tablet or smart phone from anywhere – as long as there’s internet connection. This option is most suited to e-commerce businesses, allowing the merchant to process credit card payments online securely and quickly while the card and the cardholder are not physically present, 24 hours a day.


EPOS terminals are capable of accepting card payments directly from PDQ machines. Regardless of the size of your business, we can give you advice on suitable EPOS systems and recommendations for linking them with your PDQ terminals to avoid duplicating transactions and some providers include advanced functions from inventory, CRM and financials to promotions, loyalty system and stock control, so depending on the nature of your business and needs, we can find a solution suitable to you.

Whatever your business requirements, we are here to guide you through your decisions. Get in touch today for a no cost, no obligation quote.

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