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Merchant Advice Service provide non-biased advice based on your individual business requirements. We do so by working with card payments experts who specialise in specific industry applications. This means you will work with an advisor who has experience within card payments and your unique company sector. Together we pride ourselves on successfully placing your company with the most suited merchant services provider for your needs now and throughout the lifetime of your business.

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Areas of Expertise

We help businesses across a number of sectors all with individual and often-complex merchant account needs. Whether you’re looking at introducing an EPOS system or want to implement a chip-and-pin terminal, you’re one call away from finding the right solution for you.

Payment Terminals

PDQ payment machines are the most common solution for all face-to-face retail transactions. They provide an efficient and convenient experience for the customer and allow not only card but mobile payments, including contactless and Apple pay. It’s quick, secure and reliable processing of all transaction details within seconds.

WI-Fi Terminals

The wireless chip and pin terminals are even more convenient for customers and are a simple, efficient way to deal with face-to-face transactions allowing you to take the machine to the customer. Like PDQ machines they are contactless enabled and can be used within a range of up to100m of the base, depending on your provider.

Integrated System

Do you need to link EPOS with your chip-and-pin terminal or internal booking system? Or perhaps you need a combination of a wireless and virtual terminal? Whatever your needs, and no matter how complex they may seem, there will be a cost effective, secure and efficient solution.

High Risk

If your business falls under the high-risk category, you may well struggle to obtain card processing from Highstreet or mainstream providers. We work with UK and EU based banks to provide alternative payment solutions. Merchant Advice Service experts specialise in high-risk industries.

Terminated And Declined Account

Merchant Advice Services specialises in offering alternative card payments solutions to those businesses who have been terminated by their existing provider or had an application declined elsewhere. Our advisors successfully source alternatives on a daily basis.


Some start-ups may opt for a pay-as-you-go set up initially, before getting tied into a longer-term contract. This approach may not be the most cost-effective solution, but it does allow businesses to understand how many transactions they can expect to help determine which long-term plan is best suited to their needs.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals allow you to take payments using any computer, tablet or smart phone from anywhere – as long as there’s internet connection. This option is most suited to e-commerce businesses, allowing the merchant to process credit card payments online securely and quickly while the card and the cardholder are not physically present, 24 hours a day.


EPOS terminals are capable of accepting card payments directly from PDQ machines. Regardless of the size of your business, we can give you advice on suitable EPOS systems and recommendations for linking them with your PDQ terminals to avoid duplicating transactions and some providers include advanced functions from inventory, CRM and financials to promotions, loyalty system and stock control, so depending on the nature of your business and needs, we can find a solution suitable to you.

Automated Telephone Payments

Working closely with our partners Merchant Advice Service offer IVR facilities enabling businesses to accept telephone payments automatically. Our IVR partners specialise in integrated payment solutions, streamlining telephone card processing with ease.

Hospitality APPS

Hospitality tech has advanced massively in recent years, with the use of booking and ordering apps being the latest trend. Our hospitality specialists work with your business to establish your requirements and ensure your customers’ needs are met from day one.

Whatever your business requirements, we are here to guide you through your decisions. Get in touch today for a no cost, no obligation quote.

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