Wireless portable card machines

Wireless card terminals

Wireless card terminals are becoming increasingly popular, especially within the hospitality sector. These machines allow payments to be made wherever the customer is based, for example, wireless payment terminals can be taken to a customer’s table in a café, restaurant or bar and payment made there and then. This proves very efficient within the hospitality sector, saving time and queues at main till points as well as a better experience for the customer.

Why choose a wireless credit card machine?

In short, the reason these machines have become so popular is because it gives the business flexibility when taking payments. You are not tied down to one area when making card transactions. The best wireless credit card machines work alongside an EPOS (electronic point of sale) system so that the bill amount doesn’t have to be keyed by the user, reducing the risk of human error.

How do wireless card terminals work?


We often get asked ‘how do wireless credit card machines work?’ The answer to that is in one of two ways;

Wi-Fi credit card terminals

The majority of businesses have Wi-Fi, so this is the most common type of wireless card payment terminal. The machine uses company Wi-Fi to connect to both the merchant bank and customer bank to authorise payments. This is the cheapest of options when it comes to mobile wireless credit card machine. If you have a very large establishment you will need to ensure that the Wi-Fi signal stretches. across all possible payment locations.

GPRS wireless credit card terminals

If your business doesn’t have access to the internet you can still install a wireless card machine, instead of using Wi-Fi this machine uses 4G to communicate between banks in the same way as above. To find out more about GPRS wireless chip and pin machines click HERE.


Wireless credit card machines for sale

Wireless credit card machine reviews, are readily available online – our experts will point you in the right direction first time. If you are looking for any of the following speak to us today;

  • Wireless debit and credit card payment terminals
  • Wi-Fi and GPRS card machines
  • Short term wireless card machine contracts
  • 4G portable terminals

How to apply for a wireless card machine and what to look for

The application process is straight forward and simple, with most providers offering a wireless solution. Here are two things to make sure you’re aware of when searching for quotes;

Merchant account

Finding a wireless payment terminal is only half the job at hand. To be able to process card payments you will need a merchant account provider to authorise payments. Most providers work with the majority of card machines, however if you have a particular machine in mind its worth mentioning it when you apply for a merchant account. Often machine providers will quote for merchant accounts too, however it may be worth shopping around to find a better deal elsewhere. For more information on this CLICK HERE.

Contract lengths

wireless debit and credit card machines are often leased to businesses, be aware that contract lengths vary from a few months to four years. DO NOT sign on the dotted line unless you are happy with the contract length. Also, bear in mind providers often try to tie the contract length for the card machine rental in with the merchant account. Shop around and make sure you are getting the best deal, by comparing like for like. Some companies offer the option to buy a wireless credit card terminal up-front, which could be considerably cheaper.


At Merchant Advice Service, we work with the best and most popular wireless card terminal providers in the industry, helping you to choose which terminal is most suited to your business. 


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