Taking card payments via mobile phone

A quick guide to understanding using mobile phone payment systems

Accepting credit card payments via mobile phone

In recent years contactless payments on the move have had an increase in popularity as we serge towards a cashless society. Businesses have been searching for the best way to accept card payments both on and off site.  As technology advances so does the methods of accepting debit and credit card transactions, meaning that payment via mobile phone has become increasingly common amongst companies and consumers alike.

Mobile phone credit card payment systems

As well as paying via mobile devices such as phones and watches, businesses can use mobile devices to receive card payments. Popular in industries such as taxi and transportation,hospitality, and smaller retail firms working at offsite events, payment using mobile phones is accessible to a wide range of businesses.

Take credit card payments on mobile phone

There are three ways in which you can accept credit card payments with your mobile phone, let’s take a look;


  • Using an App and hardware

    Examples of this include SumUp, Izettle and PayPal, all offering smaller portable chip and pin devices which work alongside mobile and iPad software to provide a payment system. Unlike the traditional card machines, these companies offer compact terminals which are easy to transport.

  • Ecommerce platforms

    Following the 2020 pandemic and the rise in use of QR codes, hospitality apps and table order facilities there has been an increase of online payments within sectors which would ordinarily rely on wireless chip and pin machines. Customers can use their mobile phone to process orders and complete card payments via apps or simply by scanning a QR code and visiting the merchant’s website.

  • Taking payments via mobile phone alone

    There is now no need to use hardware when accepting payment using mobile phones if you do not wish to. Some merchant banks and fintech’s offer software which essentially turns a mobile phone into a payment terminal using an app – the transactions being authorised by scanning customer card details or entering them into the app directly.


Application Point of Sale

The latest when it comes to point of sale systems is the aPOS – application point of sale, which covers not only mobile phone payments apps, but also services such as customers ordering from tables in restaurants or pool side on holiday using the merchants in house application. In the digital payments world, there is an increase in popularity when it comes to businesses accepting card payments via apps, the reason for this is ease for the customer and pricing as it can be cost effective to accept transactions via app and mobile phone payment systems over more traditional methods.

How can I take card payment by mobile phone?

As with most new payment methods, there are more providers jumping on board facilitating mobile phone payment solutions. As always, Merchant Advice Service suggest not only comparing mobile phone payment services on functionality and how the service will work for both business and consumer, but also on a pound for pound basis when it comes to cost. Comparing the overall cost of mobile phone payments apps in the UK and Europe can be confusing, however our guide to finding the best merchant account may help.

Taking payments via mobile phone Android vs Apple

Before deciding on which application and accompanying merchant account to use to turn your mobile phone into a card payment reader, it’s important to establish that the provider works with your preferred choice of iOS or Android. Broadly speaking, most card payment apps are normally developed on both platforms, so this decision comes down to personal preference but it’s always worth double checking.


Alternative ways to accept payment using mobile phone

If you are wanting to accept payments via mobile phones and landlines without the customer being present, these transactions are known as MOTO payments and can be done automatically via mobile phone keypad using an IVR facility. This works by the customer keying in their card details directly to the telephone keypad.


Finding a provider for mobile phone card payments in the UK

Merchant Advice Service provides free of charge non-biased advice to businesses wishing to accepting card payments via mobile phone. Our experts can choose from a wide range of mobile phone payment apps, based on your business requirements ensuring you find the most suitable solution.


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