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Libby James
Merchant Services Expert

Libby James is co-founder, director and an expert in all things merchant services. Libby is the go-to specialist for business with more complex requirements or businesses that are struggling to find a provider that will accept them. Libby is regularly cited in trade, national and international media.

The Advantages of Using Portable Card Machines for Your Business

In recent years, the landscape of card machine technology has undergone significant improvements, introducing features such as contactless payments and mobile transactions that cater to the needs of customers on the move. Portable payment terminals have gained popularity among businesses of all sizes, offering a range of benefits. In this article, we explore the various ways these innovative devices can enhance your company’s operations.


Our Expertise at Merchant Advice Service

At Merchant Advice Service, we collaborate with industry experts to provide comprehensive guidance on portable card machines in the UK and beyond. Our advisors specialise in areas such as:


Portable card machines

GPRS and Wi-Fi machines

Portable chip and pin machines for small businesses (low-cost options)

Machines for external use, such as events or trade shows, available for short-term hire.

Wi-Fi Portable Card Machines

Wi-Fi portable card machines empower businesses to accept payments within the reach of their Wi-Fi parameters. For instance, customers can conveniently settle bills at restaurant tables using these devices, eliminating the need to queue at the main till point. This streamlined approach not only enhances transactions but also saves valuable time for both customers and businesses.

What is a GPRS Card Machine?

GPRS, or General Pack Radio Service, simplifies mobile communication. GPRS payment terminals leverage 3G and 4G cellular communication to authorise and transmit payments between the merchant bank and the customer’s bank. The significant advantage of using a GPRS payment terminal is its independence from internet or phone lines, making it ideal for businesses operating remotely, such as market stalls, pop-up shops, and rural locations.


Getting a Portable Credit Card Machine

Portable chip and pin machines, available from most card providers, function similarly to static machines. The cost of portable debit and credit card machines is comparable to stationary ones, depending on the chosen contract length. To ensure the best deal, compare options, consider contract terms, and account for additional fees or insurance. Our experts at Merchant Advice Service can assist you in finding the most cost-effective solution tailored to your business needs.

Take Card Payments Anywhere!

Portable chip and pin card readers offer the flexibility to accept payments not only within premises but also at offsite locations. 4G credit card terminals operate like mobile phones, making them suitable for businesses with multiple locations, offsite events, or market stalls. Some portable devices even include a printer option for providing receipts, ensuring a seamless payment process for your customers.

Accepting Card Payments via Mobile

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the ability to accept card payments via mobile devices is a game-changer for businesses. By leveraging mobile technology, merchants can provide customers with a convenient and seamless payment experience. Whether through dedicated mobile apps or responsive websites, businesses can tap into the growing trend of consumers who prefer the flexibility of making payments using their smartphones. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also positions businesses at the forefront of modern payment practices.

Accepting Payments with an App and Compact Machine

The integration of mobile apps and compact card machines offers a versatile solution for businesses seeking efficiency in payment processing. With dedicated apps, customers can initiate payments effortlessly, while compact card machines ensure secure and quick transactions. This approach caters to the diverse preferences of modern consumers, providing them with the flexibility to choose between digital and card-based payments. The combination of app-based transactions and compact machines streamlines the payment process, contributing to an enhanced overall customer experience.

Portable Payment Processing, with No Contract

Businesses often require flexibility in payment processing without committing to long-term contracts. Portable card machines with no stringent contracts provide the adaptability needed for various business models. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for seasonal businesses, pop-up shops, and those operating in dynamic environments. Without being tied down by lengthy agreements, businesses can easily scale their payment solutions based on demand and operational requirements, fostering financial agility.

Types of Businesses Benefiting from Portable Card Machines

The versatility of portable card machines extends their benefits to a wide range of businesses. Taxi firms, for instance, can offer convenient card payment options to passengers. Events and trade shows can streamline transactions by deploying portable card machines at multiple points. Seasonal businesses, such as those operating during holidays or festivals, find these machines invaluable for temporary setups. Pop-up shops, with their fluid locations, benefit from the portability and flexibility of these devices. The hospitality industry, including restaurants and cafes, can enhance customer service by enabling tableside payments. The adaptability of portable card machines makes them an essential tool for businesses that prioritise convenience and efficiency in their payment processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Commonly Asked Questions
How do Wi-Fi portable card machines enhance transaction efficiency?
Wi-Fi portable card machines allow customers to make payments at their convenience, reducing queues and streamlining transactions.
What is the main advantage of using a GPRS card machine?
GPRS card machines operate without the need for internet or phone lines, making them ideal for businesses in remote locations.
Can portable chip and pin machines be used for offsite events?
Yes, 4G credit card terminals offer the flexibility to accept payments at offsite locations, making them suitable for events, trade shows, and market stalls.
Are portable card machines cost-effective compared to stationary ones?
The cost of portable card machines is generally on par with stationary ones, with pricing influenced by contract terms and additional fees.
How can businesses benefit from accepting card payments via mobile?
Accepting card payments via mobile devices provides businesses with the flexibility to cater to customers who prefer digital payment methods.
What types of businesses can benefit from portable card machines?
Portable card machines are versatile and suitable for various businesses, including taxi firms, events, seasonal enterprises, pop-up shops, and the hospitality industry.
Is there a printer option for portable card machines?
Some portable card machines come with a printer option, allowing businesses to provide customers with receipts on the spot.
How can Merchant Advice Service help businesses find the right portable card machine?
Merchant Advice Service works with industry experts to provide tailored guidance, ensuring businesses find the most suitable portable card machine for their unique needs.

How Merchant Advice Service Can Help

Merchant Advice Service is committed to assisting businesses in finding the most suitable payment solutions. Our team of experts collaborates with industry leaders to offer tailored guidance, ensuring your business benefits from the latest advancements in portable card machine technology. 


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The advent of portable card machines has revolutionised the way businesses handle transactions. These devices don’t only simplify the process of accepting credit and debit card payments. They also provide versatility in various business environments. Businesses can now take card payments anywhere, Whether it’s through a Wi-Fi or GPRS card machine. This allows them to cater to the needs of their customers to pay with ease and convenience.


The integration of these machines with digital wallets and online store platforms enhances the payment experience. This allows businesses to stay ahead in a competitive market by adopting payment links and mobile card readers. Additionally, the ability to manage transaction fees and monthly fees effectively makes these portable machines an invaluable asset for managing finances in any business setting.


Merchant Advice Service plays a crucial role in guiding businesses through the maze of options available. We offer expert advice on selecting the right payment processor. We understand the nuances of debit card payments, and maximising the use of payment service tools. Our commitment to providing merchant service guidance ensures that your business is equipped with the best tools. This whether in a physical location or through accepting online payments.

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Libby James

Libby James Co-founded Merchant Advice Service alongside David Bird in 2016. Her finance background, coupled with retail and customer service experience, gave Libby the drive to bring transparency and non-biased advice to the world of merchant services. Having come from the heavily regulated mortgage and insurance industry, Libby found it puzzling that other financial sectors lacked regulation and transparency leaving customers confused and unable to make informed decisions when it came to accepting card payments. This was soon to become Libby’s obsession!

With the help of some of the industry’s best, Libby began to research acquiring banks, complex terminology/regulation, and the problems customers experience within merchant services and payment gateway markets. She spent years on sourcing solutions for complex clients, which previously others were unable to assist with. Libby established relationships with brokers and banks which would soon form the cornerstone of Merchant Advice Service. As a result Libby has been featured in high-profile publications across the web.

Libby is proud to be the entrepreneur’s champion, supporting start-up businesses regularly. Her industry insights can often be found on LinkedIn where she provides free of charge advice and money saving pointers. It’s safe to say she has her finger on the pulse of everything card payments related.

Libby speaks of her experience in founding and running Merchant Advice Service…

‘Merchant Advice Service is one of my greatest achievements to date. We help business owners to overcome card processing issues which can become detrimental to their business. We assist SME’s in finding suitable card payments solutions, helping them create their vision. Each and every day is different, exciting and fore filling. As technology advances I can’t wait to see the way in which the merchant services market advances, and I’m pleased that our business will play a part in educating company owners along the way.’

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