Portable card machines

Why use a portable card machine?

Card machine technology has improved no end in recent years, with advances such as contactless payments and mobile transactions, readily available to customers on the go. Portable payment terminals have become increasingly popular amongst business owners big and small. In this article, we look at the ways these clever bits of kit can work for your company.

At Merchant Advice Service, we work with industry experts when it comes to portable card machines within the UK and beyond! Are advisors specialise in the following areas, so call today;

Portable card machines

GPRS and Wi-Fi machines

Portable chip and pin machines for small businesses, low cost options

Machines for external use, such as events or trade shows – these can be available on short term hire to find out more CLICK HERE


Wi-Fi portable card machines

These machines give you the capability of taking payments within reach of the business Wi-Fi parameters. For example; customers can pay via a Wi-Fi portable credit card machine at restaurant tables, meaning that they do not have to have to use the main till point to settle the bill. This streamlines transactions, and often saves time and queues forming.

What is a GPRS card machine?

GPRS stands for General Pack Radio Service, put in simple terms this means mobile communication. GPRS payment terminals use 3G and 4G cellular communication to speak with both the merchant bank and customers bank to authorize and transmit payments. These 4G card machine’s use a sim card in a similar way to how mobile phones work without the need for an internet connection.

Using a GPRS payment terminal has one main benefit; no internet or phone line is needed! This is ideal for businesses that work remotely, and is commonly used for businesses like market stalls, pop up shops and country locations where the internet can be temperamental.

How to get a portable credit card machine?

Portable chip and pin machines are available from the majority of card providers and work in exactly the same way as a static machine. The cost of portable debit and credit card machines tends to be on par with the stationary ones too, however this will largely depend on the contract length you decide to sign for. To make sure you find the cheapest portable card machine compare like for like, shop around and work out what you will be paying over the full term – including any admin fees or insurance you may opt for.


Take payments anywhere!

Portable chip and pin card readers don’t just stop at taking payments anywhere within your premises, some businesses require offsite solutions. 4g credit card terminal’s work in a similar way to your mobile phones, meaning that they are suitable for either multi location businesses, such as mobile beauty salons, or for offsite locations such as major event and trade shows, or even market stalls! Some portable devices also come with a printer option, so you can still provide receipts.

Merchant Advice Service work with the very best industry experts to provide you with the most suitable solution for your business now and in the future.

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