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Our non-biased guide to ecommerce merchant solutions

Finding an ecommerce merchant account

Searching for ecommerce merchant account providers can be confusing, there are so many things to consider when accepting payments online. Working through complex industry terminology and pricing structures can seem overwhelming. Here our short guide will help businesses to find the best ecommerce merchant account suited to their company requirements.

What is a merchant account for ecommerce?

When accepting card payments online businesses will require both a merchant account and payment gateway. The easiest way to think of these two elements is that the merchant account is the bank in which pre-authorises and moves the money from the customer’s account to the company bank account. The payment gateway is the safety net which ensures customer details remain safe when making a payment online, it does so by encrypting the card data which the entered at checkout.

Setting up a merchant account for ecommerce

Before searching for the best ecommerce merchant services provider for your requirements, there are some essentials that must be considered;


  • Gateway integration, as touched on previously the two parts of payment processing need to integrate and work together.
  • Website Integration – some gateways are only compatible with certain platforms, for this reason alone it’s important to consider your card processor requirements prior to building a new site. For example, there are more merchant account and gateway options for WordPress sites than there are for Shopify.

High risk e commerce merchant account

Sourcing merchant account providers for high risk ecommerce can come with an added layer of complexity. Not only do they have to integrate with both website platform and payment gateway, but the business will have to fit into the banks criteria as well as Visa and Mastercard requirements. In these circumstances it’s best to use a Merchant Services Broker, ensuring you cover all fundamentals.


Offshore ecommerce merchant account

When searching for the best merchant account for your ecommerce business, it’s important not to rule out offshore options especially if you’re working in a high-risk industry. Offshore merchant accounts for websites can often be more flexible when it comes to the application process and underwriting.

Ecommerce merchant account comparison

Once the basic integration requirements have been established, finding the best merchant accounts for ecommerce and carrying out a fair comparison is key in choosing a merchant account which is well suited to your business model. Here are things to consider;


  • Compare on a pound for pound basis not just on rates alone
  • Review settlement times. how long do the funds take to reach your business account. Do you need the funds quickly?
  • If processing volumes are high, do you need multi accounts to plug into the site?
  • Shop around! Don’t get stuck with the same provider for the lifetime of the business, shopping around and switching regularly will ensure you don’t pay over the odds.
  • Read ecommerce merchant services reviews remembering to consider elements such as downtime.
  • Do you require elements such as Apple Pay/Android?


Note, the cheapest ecommerce merchant services provider might not always be the best suited to your company. Compare a few, or if you need help in doing so get in touch today.


How Merchant Advice Service can help?

Merchant Advice Service deal with varying types of ecommerce merchants, enabling them to make informed decisions when it comes to merchant services. Our network of Brokers and Banks specialise in sourcing the best ecommerce payment processing for individual business requirements. For free, non-biased and non-obligatory advice and quotations, speak to us today.


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