Merchant accounts for Double Glazing and Home Improvement companies

Finding the best merchant account for a double glazing business

The double glazing industry is a competitive one, with tens of thousands of UK based companies to choose from. In recent years we have seen an increase in both double glazing companies, including repair businesses, and home improvement businesses accepting credit and debit card payments. The reason behind this industry trend is that consumers are becoming more aware of the costing of borrowing, therefore if they can pay on a no interest credit card they can avoid costly rates often associated with home improvement finance.

During this short article we will look at, how to secure the best merchant account rates and fees for double glazing and home improvement businesses and also the ways in which you can accept payments.

Ways for home improvement companies to accept credit card payments

Double glazing sales and home improvement quotations are often carried out in the customer’s home or during a site visit, meaning accepting debit or credit card payments can be tricky. Double glazing firms tend to accept card payments in the following ways;


Automated invoicing

The client will receive an email with a link to pay, in the form of a ‘click here’ button. They will then enter their card details as they would any standard online transaction. The business will then get notification the payment has been made and therefore the order is complete. Automated invoicing also has the ability to chase up late payments and integrate with existing customer databases, making accounting and sales reporting very streamlined.


IVR telephone payments

Ideal for field based and direct sales representatives, an IVR telephone line can be accessed from anywhere with a landline or mobile signal. This dedicated automated payments line means that customers can make payments 24/7 365 days a year. From a security point of view, the card details are keyed directly into the telephone keypad meaning that staff do not hold payment credentials. For part payments, clients can pay a deposit followed by costs such as final payments and installation fees via the telephone. This automated payment line is available to all, making transactions accessible to those without the internet or mobile phones. IVR systems also integrate with customer databases for easy reporting and accounting.


Portable card machines

GPRS card machines enable payments to be accepted from almost anywhere, if you are working in a city or town you might want to consider these card machines, for more remote locations we suggest the IVR telephone option. The PDQ machines work using radio signals, very similar to mobile phones, communicating between banks prior to the transaction being authorised.  Suitable for office based sales, trade shows and installation payments.


High risk merchant accounts for home improvements and double glazing businesses

Double glazing and home improvement transactions are seen as high risk, when it comes to card processing. This is for a few reasons;

  • The transactions take place a few weeks (sometimes even months in more bespoke cases) before the ‘products’ are delivered and installed. Similarly to kitchen and furniture companies, this leaves scope for problems to occur within the business financially.
  • Transactions tend to be higher amounts, known as high ticket items, meaning rather than the risk of fraud being spread over lots of smaller transactions its condensed into fewer larger ones.
  • Field sales have a reputation for high amounts of chargebacks, this is where the customer changes their mind about the purchase and cancels the transaction with the bank rather than waiting for a refund.

Finding a suitable merchant account for double glazing or home improvement companies

Due to home improvement companies being deemed high risk by most merchant account providers, finding suitable card processing can be tricky. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Merchant Advice Service work with a handful of providers who will consider processing applications from home improvement firms. Our experts have successfully placed double glazing and home improvement companies and continue to do so. Whether you’ve been served notice by your current provider or you’re new to card processing our team would be happy to help.


Better card processing rates for home improvement and double glazing companies

If you currently accept card payments then why not let our Merchant Advice Service experts carry out a free review of your account? In the majority of cases we can save money on your current costs. Our team of UK based brokers can use your current rates to negotiate better terms with our partnering banks.

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