Call centre payment gateways and card processing

Call centre credit card processing

Many products and services offered online, in magazines or sold on TV are processed through call centres. Call centres are seen by mainstream merchant account providers as high risk, there are two main reasons for this;

High chargebacks – often call centres experience high chargeback and cancellation rates. Resulting in mainstream banks and merchant account providers being hesitant when approving a new account.

Industry reputation – call centres that operate within the claims industry, such as PPI or accident claims, have created a less than favourable reputation causing fewer merchant account providers to offer new accounts.

High volume of cardholder not present transactions – to some merchant providers, not all, they will deem call centres to be a little higher-risk due to the high ratio of payments taken over the phone.

Call centre payment solutions

What options are available to me?

Payment options for call centre’s vary depending on the business type and requirements. Most payments tend to be taken with the customer not present, either over the phone or through an online system. Email invoicing may be a requirement, clients and customers have a link from the email invoice to pay online with a card.
If using online payments, you will need a payment gateway to encrypt customer payment data ensuring it remains safe. Some payment gateways have the option of storing customer card details, making repeat custom a smooth transaction.

Which companies are best for call centres payments?

Call centre payment processing can be hard to obtain due to this ‘high risk’ label. However, at Merchant Advise Service, we work closely with providers that will consider applications from businesses within the industry.

As call centres specialise in different products and services, we believe it’s important not to ‘pigeon hole’ each business, each application is unique. Our specialists will communicate with you to understand your business and the way it works, they will package your application correctly prior to the underwriting process carried out by the merchant account provider. Together we make sure you have the best possible chance of being accepted.

PPI merchant services

PPI businesses have until August 2019 to pursue any outstanding claims. For this reason, a lot of PPI businesses are wanting to change merchant accounts to dramatically reduce costs in the final years of business. However, because of the nature of the high-risk industry and recent legislation finding providers can tough. Our advisors can help with these applications, ensuring you make the most of you PPI business before the claim deadline of August 2019.


IVR Payments for call centres

Some customers feel nervous when giving their card details to employees of call centres, this is due to the amount of scams widely reported in the media and not a reflection of the industry itself. IVR telephone payments allow call centres to accept transactions without staff having to take customer card details, as these are keyed directly into the phone keypad. The automated service also frees up time spent on the phone. Payments can be accepted 24/7 365 days a year. Speak to our experts to find out more.

We can help you

At Merchant Advise Service, our experts deal with high risk applications on a daily basis, we’ve put together a guide so you know what to expect, before applying. We specialise in the following areas, speak to us today;

Call centre payment gateways

Call centre card payments, online and over the phone


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