Point of sale for wholesale, cash and carry and trade desk businesses

EPOS Systems for wholesale businesses

Point of sale systems are not just restricted to smaller business or ones which are customer facing. The need for a more extensive system within both wholesale, trade desk and cash and carry industries is becoming widely recognised amongst business owners. Ensuring you install a POS system that works well for your business currently and in the future, can not only save time but money too. At Merchant Advice Service, we look at the features of wholesale EPOS system’s which may be beneficial when choosing one that is best for you.



Wholesale businesses and trade desks often work from large premises and have stock changing hands daily, for this reason it’s incredibly important that the back-office reporting compliments a busy and often complex working environment. Within both wholesale and cash and carry industries, stock control and works orders surrounding stock are imperative when choosing a point of sale system. The correct wholesale POS could save time when auditing stock, money through human error and streamline cash and carry or wholesale businesses to work at the best of their ability – meaning repeat custom.


When searching for a cash and carry EPOS system or one for wholesalers and trade desks, it’s important to think of security. Having a pin or swipe card for staff members to use, means that you can restrict access to certain data, discounts and refunds to management and owners alone. Equally, it gives the ability to monitor staff performance – so you can make the most of your top performers.


Customer information is valuable for all businesses, having access to contact information and previous orders/purchases made enables marketing to be both direct and relevant to individual. Ensuring that a smooth transaction is had by all involved, increases repeat custom – choosing the correct wholesale POS system can make this possible.


In most cases, we recommend that the EPOS system chosen for a cash and carry or wholesale business is cloud based, this enables managers and owners to access vital statistics, from anywhere in the world – meaning that you don’t necessarily have to be in front of the EPOS system itself. This is particularly handy when working in large warehouses or busy environments where the POS system is being used for regular customer transactions. We also focus on installing easy to use systems, with prompts for staff to up-sell.

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Retail management systems for cash and carry, wholesale and trade desk businesses

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Our advisors will not only make sure you have a suitable EPOS system in place, we will help you to source the correct wholesale merchant account. Merchant services for cash and carry and wholesale businesses doesn’t have to be complicated, our experts will explain every detail in plain English.


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