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POS for take-away restaurants

EPOS systems can be tailored to suit specific restaurant or take away business requirements, though not many company owners are made aware of this when they sign up to a merchant account.

Once company owners and managers know what their business requirements are, there are a number of options available to help stream line operations. We have put together a comprehensive guide to EPOS systems for takeaways or restaurants that covers all the ‘must know’ elements and added benefits these systems can bring to your business.

Customer Information

An EPOS system for takeaways can store customer information such as name, phone number and delivery address to speed up transactions and improve customer service. Incoming calls can be connected to existing customer data from previous orders to streamlining transactions, save time and ultimately improve customer relationships. This data is valuable and can allow business owners to understand their consumer demographic and build out marketing strategies based on this insight.

Menu Systems and Stock Control

Having a pre-programmed menu system included in your takeaway EPOS will save time and some companies charge extra fees for this service however, it’s worth the cost. Plus, if done correctly this will help you manage stock control. For example, when using a EPOS for a pizza takeaway, the user selects a Hawaiian – all ingredients will be reduced from current stock levels.


External Technology

Using takeaway EPOS software that integrates with websites and apps is vital in this day and age. Consumers expect speed and efficiency with purchases, especially when it comes to impulse buys like takeaways.

Staff Management

The best EPOS for takeaway restaurants have many features to both monitor staff performance and encourage development through target setting. Functions include ; clocking in/out systems, upselling prompts and rewards/discount facilities.

Apps for takeaway restaurants and pop-ups

In recent years following the COVID pandemic, hospitality businesses have utilised apps to take orders and payments. The surge of technology is not only being used within the take away market but in restaurants as well. Choosing the right app for your take away or pop-up restaurant can be tricky, however having it integrated to your till point and EPOS system will streamline not only the customer journey, but the order and payment process too.


Getting the Best Merchant Account for your Take-away

We can also help set you up with a merchant account for your take-away, which is essential for anybody to start taking card payments. Many EPOS companies make a good portion of their money by cross-selling merchant accounts, payment gateways and card readers along with their system – all as part of their “package” and done for you. The issue with this is that they will usually prioritise the merchant account provided with the company that offers them the most referral commission, rather than the company that is ideal for your business.

We are independent brokers who will find the best deal for your situation across the whole of the market. We will look at everyone with your ideal world situation as our priority and we do this all for free.


Free Advice for your take-away

At Merchant Advice Service our experts can aid you in choosing an electronic point of sale systems for your takeaway restaurant, enabling you to choose a system that works effectively for your business. We specialise in the following areas:

  • EPOS for takeaway restaurants
  • Integrated takeaway EPOS systems for mobile apps and websites
  • Restaurant EPOS software
  • We’ve helped all sorts of take-away businesses find the right pos system at the right price for them. From pizza, kebab shops, Chinese restaurants, chip shops, dessert shops and more.

Get in touch today and speak to one of our expert advisors. All our support is completely free and there is no obligation – we’re here to help.


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