EPOS for Bars and Pubs

Point of sale systems for Bars and Pubs

Looking for the right bar point of sale software or complete pub point of sale system? You’re in the right place.

We know it’s not easy to find an EPOS system to suit all your business needs – but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

We have created a short guide of what look out for when searching the bar POS system market.

Merchant Advice Service top tips for bar point of sale systems

Cloud based systems

When it comes to bar or pub point of sales systems, we cannot get enough of cloud based software! Managers and owners can access information from anywhere they can get online, and yes that means from the comfort of your own sofa! Stock inventories, payroll, performance analysis, menu updates – done from anywhere at any time.


For little cost get an EPOS system which is pre-programmed, you don’t want to be faffing around with this swanking new bit of kit, when you have a million other jobs to do! Trust us, it’s worth it. Cocktails, and complex menus aren’t a problem for the tech experts.

Plan ahead

Don’t just think of your business now, think longer term and plan your EPOS system based on the future. If you were intending to grow what functionality would you require from a POS system? Contracts can range anywhere between 1 -3 years so you want to make sure you’ve thought ahead to avoid any headaches that could have been avoided.


Make sure you get support and training for staff from day one so they are fully invested in the system you are using. Having buy in from staff is key to maximising the sophisticated technology most EPOS systems offer these days. Get your staff excited, encourage them to upsell and let them know that performance will be monitored – which means more rewards!

iPad or complete solution

Be it a complete solution or an iPad alternative EPOS, bar till systems often work using similar software – and can be integrated with cash registers and barcode scanners etc. There’s two things to bear in mind: firstly, when Apple run an update, your system may be down for a time. Secondly, with a long term view a complete solution is more hardwearing with the decreased likelihood of breaking down or glitching. There, of course, is a place for IPad solutions in the bar POS market and they are excellent for mobile or pop up venues, just bear these facts in mind.

Give us a call

Searching for POS systems for bars doesn’t need to be complicated, stick with our tips when comparing bar POS software and you won’t go wrong.

If you want any advice then speak to one of our expert advisors today. We can guide your decision and provide a no fee, no obligation quote for comparison too.


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