Small business financing Choosing the correct funding solution for any business is hugely important, and nowhere is this more apparent than in smaller businesses. Here we look at how to obtain financing for a small business, what to look out for and how to make sure you get the most from your small business loan. […]

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What is a start-up company?   Start-up businesses are new companies in the early stages of development. In the beginning, these companies are often funded by the owners, investors or new business financing. Securing financing for a new business, whether a ltd company, sole trader or partnership, can sometimes be a confusing and overwhelming process […]

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Commercial bridge finance When it comes to lending ‘commercial bridging finance’ is a phrase thrown around regularly, but what does it actually mean? Here we’ve put together a short guide to help unravel the finance terminology and work out if bridging finance for businesses could work for you. What is a commercial bridging loan? Bridging […]

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