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Shopify payment gateways and merchant accountsShopify as a business offer payment gateways, not just in the UK but internationally. They also over a POS (point of sale system) for customer facing businesses. They also offer easy to use and set up e-commerce website development software and their main USP is that they’re an easy way to get set up

To understand this in a little more depth, prior to processing customer payments it’s important to know how payment gateways work and the purpose of securing an efficient payment gateway for your e-commerce store.

Payment gateways for Shopify

Payment gateways are used when customers purchase products online, they enter their card details to finalise an order and complete payment. The purpose of the payment gateway is to keep customers card (and therefore bank details) safe, the technology encrypts these details to make sure they do not fall into the wrong hands, see this as a ‘middleman’ between their bank and your business bank. Internet safety is paramount when taking payments from customers, if they do not feel their details are secure – it might mean the difference between making a sale or using a competitor alternative.

What are the benefits of a Shopify payment gateway

Shopify offer its clients lots of benefits, some of which include;

  • 14 day free trail
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Advice on running your ecommerce business through the Shopify Blog
  • Various sales channels and enterprise plans

Do you need a merchant account for Shopify?

We often get asked about Shopify merchant account fees. When using Shopify, you will need to set up your own or a third party payment processor like Paypal. Merchant Advice Service can help you with this for free (CLICK HERE). We offer a free, non-biased advice, making sure you find an account that suits your business needs.

What are the best payment gateways for Shopify?

While selling goods online it’s crucial to ensure you have the lowest overheads when taking card payments. Important for start-up companies to keep costs as low as possible and for growing companies as this is a cost that increases proportionally with business growth and turnover.

We’ll help you source the best possible payment gateway through Shopify and the best possible merchant account too. Not only looking at rates but also helping you to find the right technical solution to suit your business too. Give us a call or fill out our enquiry form.


Shopify and high risk businesses

Shopify stores do not support high risk merchant accounts, therefore if you are operating in industries such as e-cigerette or ticket sales a Shopify store will not be suitable. Although building the site will be straight forward, finding a supporting high risk merchant account on the backend will prove problematic. Speak to our experts for Shopify alternatives.

Try Shopify for free

Shopify can be an excellent way to get started with your new shop or e-commerce website and an easy, out of the box solution to get set up quickly, efficiently and professionally.



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