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Merchant Advice Service – What Do We Do?

Welcome to Merchant Advice Service. We’re a team of industry experts armed with reliable and comprehensive information on the UK’s merchant services, to help you secure the right deal for your business. Our advice is completely free — there’s absolutely no charge and no obligation.

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Our straightforward approach helps hundreds of merchants navigate the complexity of payment processing options every month. We don’t talk jargon and we keep things simple. In fact, we aim to go from enquiry to solution in just one phone call — so you have everything needed to make informed decisions about the future of your business quickly and efficiently.

At Merchant Advice Service we bring standards and transparency to an unregulated industry, to make sure you — the merchant — are protected.

If you’ve seen a payment processing deal that seems too good to be true, chances are it is. Merchant providers often conceal a multitude of additional fees and terms to appear more competitive, allowing them to offer cheaper rates. These “deals” are misleading and are designed to lock merchants in to long-term a contract plagued with unrealistic terms and hidden charges that can be unaffordable and, ultimately, unfair.

At Merchant Advice Service, our quotes provide all costs upfront, so you know exactly where you stand. Our approach to find the best value deal combines a review of merchant rates, equipment quality, contract length, mid-term price increases and hidden fees — all the things that could come back to haunt you — so you are completely clear on what your contract means, across it’s full term, before you sign anything.

Our advice is 100% impartial, so whether you’re a sole trader or start-up looking to introduce online payments, or a global empire thinking of switching providers, or simply want to see what options are out there, our specialists can help you.

Get in touch today.

Reliable Merchant Advice

Our team of experts are on the pulse of the merchant services industry, and provide reliable, comprehensive advice to merchants.
We are completely independent so you can rest assured you’re getting impartial, honest advice instead of unreliable and biased sales reps.
Completely free
All our advice is completely free — and there’s no obligation. Get in touch today.

About Us

Coming from a financial services background, we wanted to apply the same level of transparency, systemisation and an intermediary-led focus to the merchant services industry.

Our Services

Whether you want us to help you save money on your current rates or you want us to advise you on the best setup for your new company, we can help with any aspect of taking card payments.

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Search our blog for helpful information, advice and industry news on a wide variety of topics relevant to our customers.

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