Most privacy policies are full of jargon and legal/technical speak. We’ve decided to provide a plan-English privacy policy so that you can actually understand what we do with your information and why we use certain types of info. For any enquiries related to this please email “enquiries (@)”.

Google Analytics

We do collect some basic information via Google analytics. This tell us how users are interacting with our website. We can see things like:

  • Which pages are the most visited
  • How many visits we are getting in general
  • What percentage of these visits turn into enquiries
  • Which pages are most/least engaged with
  • What people are searching in search engines to find our website
  • Which content people are most interested in

We have no interest in finding out individual personally identifiable information from this tool. We use it purely to improve our business and to improve user experience on this site.


To obtain some of the aforementioned information we use cookies on our website. Cookies are used as common practise across almost every professional website you visit. You can find out more about cookies by reading this Wikipedia article:

If you want to disable cookies on your browser you will need to adjust the settings. This is highly likely to effect the functionality of the websites you visit though.


If you make an enquiry with us we may, only ever with your express permission, pass information on to third party companies for them to contact you and help you further. We act as an intermediary, helping people find the right EPOS/Merchant/Gateway etc solutions for their problems. Your information is only passed on where this business activity is taking place and only where you know who you are being passed to and are happy for this information to be provided.

Your information will never be passed on to third party  companies purely for them to spam you/market themselves to you.