Invoicing with a credit card payment facility

Taking the stress out of invoicing and saving time on all that paperwork!

Credit card payment invoice

As technology progresses the need for spending hours and hours on invoicing and paperwork decreases…yippee!! Automated billing services (remittance payment processing) enable merchants to collect outstanding invoices using the customer card details to do so.

Automatic credit card billing

Automatic monthly payments can be taken in two ways;

Automatic monthly payment;

Payments are taken from the customer or clients bank account (using their card details) automatically, an email confirmation is then sent to confirm transaction. This type of invoicing is normally used for transactions such as memberships or subscriptions. This type of automated recurring billing is often used when payments remain the same for the contract period, however this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Online invoice payment processing;

This is slightly different from the process outlined above. An email is sent to the client or customer when payment is due, either via a CRM or accounting system. Unlike paper invoices, the recipients then pay with a click of a button. Once they have proceeded to payment, they will key in their card details and then confirm payment. A receipt will then be sent to both merchant and customer. This is a quick and hassle free automated billing service meaning merchants can spend time elsewhere rather than invoicing and chasing up missed payments.


Automated billing system

We often get asked about automatic billing software and how it works. Most up to date CRM and accounting systems have the ability to generate automated billing, our industry experts can help connect this to your current system. To enable online invoice and payment processing you will need a merchant account and a e-invoice ready payment gateway. To find out more on how a payment gateway works click below.


Automatic credit card processing

As briefly mentioned in this post, you will need both a recurring billing merchant account and an invoice gateway to accept automated credit card processing online. Finding the right merchant account for your business can be a little daunting, with complex fee structures and rates comparison tools to battle with. Here are our expert tips for securing the best automated merchant services;


  • Find a provider who will integrate with your current CRM or accounting system (if you want to keep it that is!)
  • Speak to an advisor with more than a handful of merchant account provider options, that way they will do the leg work so you don’t have to.
  • Don’t compare on rates alone! This is a common mistake when searching for a billing merchant, as let’s face it the terminology can be a little confusing.
  • Compare quotes like for like, this way you will ensure you get the very best deal for your company now and in the future.

How can Merchant Advice Service help with automated billing systems?


Merchant Advice Service work closely with UK based industry experts, who can arrange the following services on your behalf;

  • e-invoicing gateway
  • automated billing merchant account
  • automatic billing service
  • recurring payments facilities

Our advisors have over 360 combinations of payment gateways and merchant accounts to choose from. We are confident we can help you choose the best merchant billing services for your business now and in the future.


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Speak to us directly and get any questions you have answered. Submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Make a quick enquiry

Speak to us directly and get any questions you have answered. Submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.