MOTO merchant accounts

Our experts look at the details behind MOTO accounts and how they can work for your business

When it comes to credit card processing what does MOTO mean?

MOTO is a term used in card processing to describe transactions that take place when the customer is not present. It stands for mail order/telephone order. By definition, MOTO payments allow transactions to take place by manually keying in card details directly to a payment gateway via the use of a virtual terminal or secure webpage. MOTO processing is offered by mainstream firms such as, WorldPay, Stipe and Payment sense to name but a few. Here we look at ensuring you choose the correct provider for your business and how to make to most of your MOTO credit card processing.

Are MOTO payments suitable for my company?

Due to transactions taking place when the customer isn’t present MOTO card payment providers tend to charge slightly higher rates. This is due to the increased risk of fraud and chargebacks. If you plan to solely accept MOTO payments your business will require a stand-alone MOTO account. However, if you accept payments through an e-commerce store you will already have a payment gateway solution which will also include the ability to accept MOTO payments.


MOTO merchant accounts vs standard merchant accounts

The main difference between the two is the fact that most ‘normal’ merchant accounts accept payments via a chip and pin terminal, appearing less risky to mainstream account providers due to the customer being present at time of purchase. MOTO processing carries higher fees as a result of this.

E-commerce stores have a merchant account and payment gateway to process orders from start to finish. If you are wanting to start accepting MOTO payments and already have a gateway provider, this should prove relatively easy to arrange as most payment gateways offer a MOTO service too.

Obtaining an account for MOTO payments doesn't need to be difficult, speak our experts.

How long does it take to set up MOTO credit card processing?

Before you choose an account provider, shop around! Do your research and don’t compare on rates alone, our advisors can help with this. Watch out for hidden fees and long contract lengths. After conducting your research, accounts are pretty simple to set up. Doing so can take up to four working days.


International MOTO payment systems

Merchants often find it harder to secure a MOTO payment processor account when working outside of the UK or when wishing to complete transactions in various currencies. Depending on the industry, this is something our expert advisors can help with.

Finding the best MOTO merchant account

Using MOTO payment methods doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve put together a guide on virtual terminals and how they work CLICK HERE. Our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have and enable you to get the most from the MOTO payment service you choose is right for your business.


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Speak to us directly and get any questions you have answered. Submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Make a quick enquiry

Speak to us directly and get any questions you have answered. Submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.