Contactless payment via mobile

contactless payments are used in over 60% of transactions under £30, here we look at how it works

Mobile Payments, a Merchants guide.

Apple Pay was launched in the UK in July 2015. Designed to change the way consumers shop, this form of contactless mobile payment enables small transactions to carried out with very little effort. Subsequently, Android users can use a very similar service.

Credit Card processing by phone – how does it work?

Mobile phone payment systems work in the same way as taking regular contactless payments, credit or debit card details are stored in an electronic wallet. Just the same as the contactless card transaction, radio signals between the two securely transfer the payment data.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start accepting Apple Pay?

Apple pay works with contactless payment PDQ or POS if you have one of these systems already your provider will enable your terminal to start taking mobile payments. If you accept contactless already it is likely that you will be able to accept Apple pay and Android instantly. If you don’t currently accept contactless, speak to one of our advisors – they can suggest the most suitable system for your needs.

Do Apple or Android charge any additional fees?

Not currently – the charges remain the same as normal contactless transactions. However, it is worth mentioning that some merchant providers charge lower or no fees for contactless payments. If your business is expecting to accept a lot of these, we will consider this in our recommendation.

Are mobile contactless payments charged as card present or card not present transactions?

Payments made face to face are charged as cardholder present transactions. However online payments in apps etc. are the same as standard internet purchases – card not present.

Is the contactless limit still £30 with mobile payments?

Apple Pay allows payments to be processed over £30, however both the terminal and merchant provider will need to support the latest network contactless specifications.

Can I process returns through mobile payment providers?

Yes, just as each credit or debit card has a unique number so does the device used to pay – you can match these up and process the reimbursement as normal – if the customer is struggling to find these details then they can be found in the e-wallet.

Our industry experts are here to guide you through taking mobile payments and making sure your machine is capable of doing so, give us a call today, we’re waiting to hear from you!


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Make a quick enquiry

Speak to us directly and get any questions you have answered. Submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.